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Fresh out of the only law school in the country that would accept them, First-Year lawyers/best friends/small time scam artists BRICK HAWTHORNE and MACEO SPINELLA are on a mission: Use the law to their advantage and get rich…quick!

It’s a blistering hot Texas August afternoon. Our antiheroes are in the midst of attempting to execute an elaborate slip and fall scheme using their cash-strapped fellow law student MARVIN as the fall guy. With these two, shenanigans rarely go quite as planned. Before they have an opportunity to bask in their felonious victory, the guys are targeted by hospital security. Just as their brief careers in jurisprudence are about to unwittingly come to an abrupt end, they’re “saved” by eccentric Texas law legend, (CRAZY) IKE TURNER, who happens to be watching the whole scenario take shape. “You’re a little stupid boys, but I like your style” Ike proclaims after whisking them away via headlock into the hospital chapel. “ You want to come work for me?....."

In The Can::

Rhinos is the comedy for anyone who's ever hated work. Mace and Brick are troubled losers with a mission: Get Rich Quick; but everything they do goes up in smoke, bong smoke. Whether they're selling rip-off perfume to gang members or house cleaning in a G-string for gay men, you'll know that these thick skinned Rhinos have got to succeed.

This refreshingly dishonest and thoughtless look into the psyche of today's disenfranchised twenty-something generation is bound to leave you laughing.

New York International Independent Film/Video Festival May 1999.
Best Feature Runner Up at the FlagStaff Film Festival, 1998.
CAUTION: This film contains immature subject matter. See it with some "buds".

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Take a look into the life of a young and ambitious athlete training to become an "Ultimate Fighter" and his experiences at his debut fight in Macon, Georgia.
Blood, Sweat and Teeth is completed. Rent it on NETFLIX Running time approx. 80 min. For entertainment only. Not an instructional video.


Rage In The Cage:

A no holds barred experience like you have never experienced! Get a front row seat to the real life "Fight Club" as we travel to "The Big Easy" New Orleans for a steel cage extravaganza sponsored by Global Sports Entertainment.


THE MONSTER HUNTER, a fast-paced supernatural thriller, features a formidable cast including the renowned David Carradine, Darren E. Burrows (AMISTAD, CRY BABY), Bob Balaban (GOSFORD PARK, THE MEXICAN), and STEPHEN ROOT (WHITE OLEANDER, ICE AGE). When dual serial killers with a supernatural bent terrorize a small town, the FBI sends a special agent (David Carradine) who can deal with the demon influencing the killers.


Inspired by the true story of former McLennan County District Attourney., Vic Feazell....

From the Treatment:....Just because you do the right thing, it doesn’t mean they’re not going to kick you in the teeth.  No one knows that better than Texas Law Legend Vic Feazell.  The youngest elected DA in Texas is about to learn what it feels like when you step on the wrong toes in pursuit of justice.

Upon taking office, Waco has the unenviable distinction of having the highest concentration of both churches and murders in the state of Texas.  In his first term, fresh off of solving the (previously) closed Lake Waco Triple Murder case, the most gruesome the state has ever seen, Vic learns of a drifter named Henry Lee Lucas who claimed that one of his over 600 murders happened in Waco. Henry was being chauffeured around the country by the Texas Rangers, who were claiming victory catching the biggest serial killer of all time.  The Rangers are Texas royalty. No one ever questioned them, and why should they?

While performing his due diligence, Vic realizes that there’s no way Lucas could’ve committed the crime, and refuses to charge him. Could the beloved Texas Rangers be feeding Lucas information and closing cases to further their reputation? The more Vic looks into the matter, the more he is convinced that indeed they are. Against everything that is right in the “Good Ol’ Boy handbook”, Vic does the unthinkable, he launches a full-scale investigation. The media dubs it “Lucas Gate”.

At first, the Texas Rangers were embarrassed, and then they got mad. With the backing of the FBI, DEA and the local media, they set out to ruin Vic’s good name, and put him in prison.  Constant threats against his family, killing his dog and trying to ruin his public image doesn’t deter Vic from exposing the truth.  Charges of bribery, racketeering and fraud are finally brought against Vic in an attempt to shut him up, just weeks before his bid for re-election. The next thing we know, he is looking at the wrong end of 80 years in the Federal Penitentiary.......



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